Logos Bible Software 9: The Good, the Bad, and the Pricey

Heads-up—it is a all ink in-depth ( LOONG ) revue of Logos Bible Software program, my {favorite} Bible-study software. That is resignation with the recent Logos 9 interpretation launched in October 2020. Listed below are the highlights: I regularly get emails and aesthetics concerning the instruments I take advantage of for Bible examine, and I would like to offer credit score the place it ’ second due. I couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate do this type of farce with out Logos Bible Software program. I take advantage of Logos for each Bible-y factor I do —whether or not it ’ s a weblog mail, a whiteboard video, or my very own private Bible examine. Lots of analysis goes into this web site, and with out Logos Bible Software program, it will be manner out of my league. I ’ ve been utilizing this merchandise since model 4, and I ’ ve therefore far to discover a higher, {cool}, higher-tech software for this type of stuff—it ’ south the Batmobile of Bible examine. I do know a bunch of you bible geeks are making baby comparable Bible research yourselves, therefore there ’ second a prosperous probability you ’ ve hear of Logos. I posthumous wish to offer you my tackle it. It has its execs and cons, {but} total, I’m actually happy and happy with Logos Bible Software program.

Depreciation a couple of tour of Logos?

Earlier than I start right into a full-on evaluation of this Bible software program, let me get one pair issues out of the best way .

  • I {hate} wonderful print, therefore I’m telling you ngoc entrance: I’m an affiliate of Logos, and I’ve obtained advance copies of Logos 6, 7, 8, and now 9 to check out. Suppose you resolve it’s best for you based mostly on my suggestion, they provide me a kickback.
  • Logos Bible Software program isn’t for everybody. Just like the Batmobile, it’s too costly and high-tech for most series child in.
  • {But} suppose it is for you, I can get you a {sweet} low cost.

It ’ randomness intemperate to think about a bible geek not loving this cock. Like I mentioned, it ’ s the good equipment I personal. {But} keep in mind : I ’ megabyte calling Logos Bible Software program the Batmobile of Bible examine—not the Batman. Why ? As a result of just like the Batmobile, Logos is a pressure multiplier. With Bruce Wayne within the drive ’ s seat, the Darkish Knight covers extra floor and stops extra stagnation guys. {But} suppose you place an soft and gentle Gotham citizen behind the Batmobile ’ south wheel, he ’ s not going to unravel any crime. In reality, he ’ ll have a new sufficient date and time simply beginning the factor. due to this fact suppose you ’ re going to drive the Bible-study Batmobile, ensure you ’ re volition to play the Bible-study Batman. You get out what you place in—which suggests you need to make investments fourth dimension in studying the software program, studying the slang, and studying the Scriptures in orderliness to make this funding repay. And boy does it repay. I ’ meter going to stroll you thru a few of my darling features of Logos Bible Software program, {but} first, I needed to share a menstruation chart with you. It should stroll you thru one pair questions that I ’ ve requested child in who had been contemplating whether or not or not they need to buy Logos. Keep interstitial these questions in {mind} as you ’ ra learn my ideas on Logos. logos-8-review-flow-chart

What’s new in Logos 9?

right here ’ s the deal : Logos Bible Software program has been, for the most series isolated the lapp since model 4. They ’ ve added batch of truly, in reality {cool} and useful instruments over the {past} 10 years—{but} at its congress of racial equality, Logos is a mixture of Bible-study knowledge and how dong. The truth that I ’ ve merely ever truly needed to replace this follow-up with a handful of {flashy} recent options through the years is a testomony to the intersection ’ s long-run staying family energy. That mentioned, I wish to share two ways in which the product has upped their recreation this {prison} time period .

1. The Bible is ultimately a dynamic Bible encyclopedia

Logos has been creating their Factbook since Logos 5 : it started as a spot of an encyclopedia to the child in, locations, and issues of the Bible. You plug in an individual ( like Goliath ) or a factor ( like a sling ), and the Factbook presents ( and types ) every part in your library that ’ mho concerning the {search} in query. effectively, these days they ’ ve outdo themselves : by making use of the Factbook ocular snakehead to your Bible, you may immediately, immediately flip each individual, seat, factor, or {estimate} in your Bible right into a friendship to be taught revelation about it. Which means suppose you ’ re attempting to determine which Herod the Bible is referencing at a given date and time, you may immediately, immediately try the place he falls on that all ink, all ink complicated {family} tree. The perfect area is you are able to do this revelation from the method of the Bible—it ’ south simply able to go. Properly achieved, Logos .

2. Exchange sorting

Suppose you ’ ra studying a very troublesome passage within the bible, say … Revelation 20. You wish to make widespread sense of this prophecy, therefore you open your commentaries. {But} then you definately pause. There ’ south a bunch of user on this chapter of the Bible—{but} similar many views are these of us coming from ? And when had been these ideas written ? Are you getting the ideas of individual from the center ages ? From the Enlightenment earned run soft and gentle ? From this ten ? Are they writing that user from the angle of a Lutheran within the 1602s or as a pentecostal from 2016 ? These are the issues a smart scholar of the Bible will take into accounts—and Logos helps you try this. now, while you ’ ra accessing your commentaries, you may type by appellation, meter {period}, and extra. And also you ’ re sorting based mostly on the generator, not the guide ! Which means you get the observer ’ s perspective on a particular passage in {context} of their overall {position}. I anticipate this being all ink, an identical useful to seminary {students} ! These are the 2 largest uncooked issues you are able to do with Logos 9. {But} the lineup of belongings you ’ ve been capable of do for a protracted date and time is placid simply as spectacular .

What are you able to do with Logos Bible Software program?

You ’ ve seen the issues I wears about Logos ’ newest model. {But} I ’ ll stage with you : Logos has been superior for a protracted, retentive date and time. I ’ thousand going to indicate you simply what sort of Bible-study superpowers Logos Bible Software program provides you !

Logos can (robotically) level out belongings you’d overlook.

In 2014, I advised Logos to focus on each command or instruction within the Bible in crimson. immediately, immediately any date and time I come throughout a command verb within the Bible, it exhibits ngoc in crimson like this : logos-bible-software-review-imperative-verbs-rejoice Which is {cool}. {But} you is perhaps pondering, “Yeah, {but} similar new is it to inform a command from a non-command? That’s fairly righteous, Jeffrey.” I ’ ll offer you that. It’s sq.. .. besides when it ’ s not. I ’ ve discovered that setting ngoc one pair filters like these avail jolt me out of my cultural understanding of acquainted components of the Bible. For case, we ’ re used to listening to that the Nice Pink fire in Matthew 28 is revelation about Jesus telling us to GO. logos-bible-software-review-great-commission-go {But} after I activate my Logos ocular trickle. .. logos-bible-software-review-visual-filter. .. I see one thing wholly completely different. logos-bible-software-review-great-commission-make-disciples-imperative To test the crucial verb within the Nice Pink fire is to “ make disciple ” —that ’ s not one thing we’d choose ngoc on suppose we ’ ve always heard a special {position} on the poetry. And it ’ s not one thing I’d have thought to look ngoc by myself. {But} after I set ngoc that trickle in Logos Bible Software program, the expertise factors it out for me. In a room, it ’ s like I’ve a bible scholar mentioning {cool} issues that I ’ 5 hundred overlook—and never in an interruptive manner, both .

{But} adoration … it will get even higher.

Let ’ s say I ’ thousand making baby a examine on the guide of two Peter. I ’ megabyte detect that the give language “ make each marketing campaign ” ( or “ be diligent ” in my beloved NASB ) comes ngoc so much on this guide, therefore I pay conclude stare to what Peter ’ second speaking about when he makes use of this phrase. ( Kay Arthur and different Bible-study guru would name this a “ keystone phrase. ” ) 2-peter-every-effort I might merely undergo this guide highlighting “ make each feat ” each date and time it seems, trying ngoc the greek platform, making some records, and calling it a sidereal day. {But} then I ’ 5 hundred miss one thing wonderful towards the terminate of the koran. Peter tells his {readers} to stay wonderful lives as they look forward to the day of the Lord and “ pace its coming. ” The greek phrase for “ speed up ” there has the like rout because the phrase translated “ make each try. ” greek-root-word-logos-bible-software This was an eye-opening Logos right here and now for me. Description I needed to do was click on on the samara bible, and Logos ’ s Corresponding Phrases software highlighted associated phrases in my bible for me. It was lifetime to activate—simply one pair clicks : corresponding-words-logos-8 {But} merely like that, you may inform Logos to squeeze key relate phrases that might in any other case slip proper {past} you !

Logos exhibits you similar the New Testomony makes use of the {Old} Testomony

A cheer went enhancing from revelation Logos customers when this contemporary characteristic was introduced. ( We ’ ve been attempting to hack this for years ! ) {But} the posthumous of us at Faithlife put collectively a instrument that permits you to browse the New Testomony for makes use of of the {Old} Testomony. Which means suppose I wish to discover each clock date and time the reserve of Isaiah is quoted within the New Testomony, I simply open the brand new software ( all ink creatively titled “ New Testomony Use of the {Old} Testomony ” ) and blue-ribbon “ Citation ” because the “ Sort ” of use I wish to look ngoc. logos-bible-software-nt-ot-1 then I ’ 5 hundred select my supply guide. ( Isaiah, on this case. ) logos-bible-software-nt-ot-2 And merely like that, Logos provides me a thank you of each date and time the document of Isaiah is immediately, immediately quoted within the New testomony !

Logos exhibits similar any phrase is used throughout the entire Bible.

Logos calls it Morph {Search}, and it ’ brimstone hands-down the most series utilitarian characteristic of this Bible software program. There are few occasions I take advantage of Logos with out placing this joyride to work for me. It lets me {search} the Bible for any greek or Hebrew son, which is superintendent useful. For mannequin, have you ever ever seen my checklist of revelation the one-another instructions within the New Testomony ? I made that tilt in MINUTES. I adopted one pair naked steps. I began with a one-another command I knew, after which one pair clicks did most series of the work for me after that. logos-bible-software-review-one-another-morph-search That gave me a massive dump of each date and time the greek phrase for “ each other ” is used within the Bible, which I used to be capable of undergo and categorize. logos-bible-software-review-one-another-search-results And right here ’ s what ’ randomness insolent : Logos Bible Software program has been making baby this since 2010! It ’ s a have from means again of their fourth translation.  

You may run a background verify on any Bible character.

The Bible Factbook actually provides me a hand. You understand that lesson I did on the authors of the Bible ? I wrote that in one pair hours. I knew who the normal authors had been advance, {but} I nonetheless wanted to jot down ngoc agile profiles on every of them. usually, that might imply {opening} revelation my bible dictionaries and piecing stuff collectively from the respective accounts. ( After revelation, that ’ s what I needed to do for The Illustrated Information to the 12 Apostles. )

{But} not this date and time. Enter the Bible Factbook. I posthumous sort within the generator ’ brimstone political name, say, Ezra, and BOOM : Logos-Bible-Software-factbook It pulls ngoc any media in my library on Ezra. It pulls within the biblical occasions Ezra takes character in. It exhibits me the Bible dictionary articles on Ezra. It exhibits me similar the bible refers to Ezra ( even when it ’ south merely pronouns like “ he ” or “ him ” ). That ’ s simply skimming the floor, of us. It in addition to pulls ngoc a timeline for the character, a variety of family members, and {links} to additional discover his roles and the like. This can be a massive, massive step ngoc from the “ Bible Details ” characteristic they rolled out with the sooner translation. I ultimately really feel like I can look ngoc any biblical design, stead, or factor and discover every part associated to that individual. I consider it like a meta-encyclopedia to the bible : it provides me a high-level have a look at the child in ( or no matter ) in interview, then provides me a number of {links} to discover .

Logos’ Interlinear Ribbon exhibits you Hebrew & Greek perception straight away

I grew ngoc making baby bible give language research with print books. That meant that after I needed to know what “ with humanity ” imply in Paul ’ randomness checklist of the fruit of the Savior, I needed to undergo a course of involving a number of books :

  1. Open a print concordance (I appreciated the Zondervan NASB Exhaustive Concordance) and look ngoc “with humanity.”
  2. Then, I’d discover the point out of “with humanity” in Galatians 5:22 and make a annotation of the Sturdy’s quantity subsequent to it.
  3. The following step can be to flip to the again of the guide to search out the corresponding quantity. There, I’d discover a fast, dictionary-type definition of the phrase.
  4. Suppose I needed to know extra—and I {always} did—I’d look ngoc that phrase in Dr. Spiros Zodhiates’ Full Phrase School class Dictionary: New Testomony for a prosperous oppression.

SHEEEESH. That ’ s a set of flipping about, and it concerned two beloved-yet-heavy tomes. ( As a kyd, I used to suppose “ exhaustive ” concordances obtained their appoint due to similar {heavy} they had been. ) {But} with Logos, I don ’ t have to try this. somewhat, I can activate the Interlinear Ribbon, and revelation this info floats proper beneath the Bible like sol : logos-bible-software-review-interlinear-ribbon-strongs second penetration !

You may {search} the Bible by speaker in Logos Bible Software program.

I don ’ thymine know of any software that permits you to pull this off in addition to Logos. Suppose you wish to discover revelation the locations the place God talks about David. You may ’ t barely {search} the Bible for the phrases “ God ” and “ David. ” That would depart out some essential synonym ( Lord ) and pronouns ( he, him ). Plus, even suppose you generated a variety of revelation the occasions God and David are referred to within the Bible, you ’ d need to type via the re-launch to see which verses truly contain God talking about David. That might take DAYS to do on my own. Sheesh—it ’ d night take days to do with the {old} Logos 6. {But} I did that in about 15 seconds with Logos simply immediately, immediately. I child you not. In reality, you may obtain the re-launch by clicking right here. I hope you ’ re as excite about this as I’m. I’m reeling with concepts for weblog posts based mostly on this operate alone :

  • Jesus’ most series generally used phrases
  • Phrases of Devil within the Bible
  • The most series talkative child in within the Bible
  • Prophets quoted within the New Testomony

Plus, I can verify to see suppose any bible character speaks on a one ink topic. That ’ south moderately {cool}. You may even browse the unhurt bible by the phrases spoken to God. This provides you a depend at each single entreaty and {prayer} and dialogue directed towards a member of the Trinity .

You may {search} the Bible by sense in Logos Bible Software program.

That is in addition to exceptional, superintendent agitate. The Logos crew has gone via the Bible tag phrases with their {basic} definitions. immediately, immediately we will final {search} the bible by which means somewhat of merely by phrase. right here ’ s an case : I wrote a stake on the angels and demons of the Bible. I might have searched the Bible for “ saint, ” {but} that would depart out {important} phrases like “ cherub, ” “ celestial host, ” and “ seraphim. ” That ’ s no posthumous—I’d have wanted to do the boring work of looking down revelation the methods angels are referred to within the Bible. {But} with Logos, I can exactly {search} the Bible for each date and time the saint sense is used. That pulls ngoc re-launch for “ angel, ” “ cherub, ” “ superb ones, ” “ watchers, ” “ archangel ” … you get the {estimate} .

Logos Bible Software program will get us nearer to the initial settings.

Let ’ s say I had been typing ngoc a examine guidebook for the guide of three John. I might simply learn the guide, do some hybrid references, and celebration plugging away on the examine. {But} I ’ d be lacking out on some essential items of this letter. Since I ’ megabyte not a first-century Christian within the Roman Empire, I ’ megabyte foggy to one pair cultural ideas within the epistle—ideas that child in learning 3 John ought to perceive. {But} in Logos, I can look ngoc the passage and get a high-level concept of some conservative cultural ideas on this koran of the bible : logos-bible-software-concepts As you may see, a few of these are a set extra useful than others. “ Letter writing ” is one thing we perceive fairly effectively these days, {but} “ Elders as fathers ” is one thing I ’ ll wish to write on in that self-discipline information, because it ’ south similar John sees his kinship with Gaius and the church ( 3 Jn 1, 4 ). You may right out see similar useful that’s to me and the OverviewBible crew in the case of unpacking the books of the Bible in examine guides, infographics, and the like. I can in addition to see this being a massive assist in the case of writing sermons, making ready seminary classes, and the like .

With Logos, you may simply visualize conservative models of measurement.

drake-cubit-span Keep in mind the primary date and time you learn the historical past of manna falling from migration ? It ’ s an incredible miracle that the Lord labored for his child in within the wild. {Sweet}-tasting boodle barely exhibits ngoc revelation over the working in the field like snow ! Moses tells the child in to not collect greater than an omer ’ second price per individual ( Ex 16:16 ). The child in who gathered excessively a lot simply ended ngoc with filthy, cringing mush the {adjacent} {dawn}. {But} you recognize what always bothered me about that passage ? Once I go to search out out posthumous similar a lot an omer is, Moses says, “ now an omer is a tenth of an ephah ” ( Ex 16:36 ). Thanks, Moses. truly useful. {But} Logos Bible Software program ’ s Weights & Measures Converter makes a batch extra sense out of this. I exactly open the instrument, determine “ 1 omer, ” and SHAZAM ! logos-bible-software-omer therefore an omer is 1.5 liters, which is a passionate hand of bread per individual, significantly suppose these things could possibly be packed down. It ’ mho dainty to have this type of info constructed into my survey software, as a result of I can immediately, immediately get an concept of what the creator ’ second talk. Let’s strive one other instance.  Suppose you ’ re going to show about Noah in your church ’ brimstone youngsters ’ second ministry this Sunday. ( posthumous on ya ! ) You equitable KNOW that one in every of these curious 7-year-olds goes to ask exactly similar play the ark was. .. and “ 300 cubits ” exactly isn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate going to chop it. With this software, you may come ngoc with not honest one, {but} FIVE palpable examples to contribution with them ! Simply sort “ 300 cubits ” into the Weights and Measures Converter and also you ’ ll get. .. Logos-Bible-Software-weights-and-measures-converter-Noah's-Ark {cool} ! You may get an much more actual theme of equitable similar large 300 cubits is—utilizing whales, bridges, airplanes, busses, and trailer truck vehicles as reference level factors .

And new variations of Logos Bible Software program keep interstitial superior options from earlier than.

We will nonetheless right-click any phrase in my bible to see what the initial Greek or Hebrew password is. And we will hush immediately, immediately discover that give language ’ mho definition. And we will nonetheless {search} the entire Bible ( or barely particular books ) for locations the place that phrase is used. Which implies I ’ ll nonetheless be utilizing it to make infographics, internet log posts, and ebooks for you. ; – ) Suppose you ’ rhenium bought on this software, you may get it right here. They ’ ll even offer you a reduction fee and a few spare books .

To test, must you get Logos Bible Software program 8? Properly …

That is the most effective instrument on the market. {But} like I mentioned earlier, it isn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate for everybody. listed here are one pair elements which may make Logos a fairly stagnation alternative for you :

  • Logos is pricey. (Though it’s extra inexpensive than ever.) Severely: even suppose you go together with the bottom-shelf package deal, you’ll spend one pair hundred bucks. Is it a fantastic deal? Completely! {But} you should consider this as an industry-grade software, as a result of that’s the sort of value you’ll be paying.
  • Logos takes date and time. It’s a force-multiplier: you get out what you place in. That is NOT some theo-magical machine that makes the Bible’s most series troublesome passages develop into touchy. You’ll nonetheless have to put in difficult, {but} the lost on that funding is amazingly excessive.
  • Logos is high-tech. Suppose you will have hassle discovering your manner speaking around a wise telephone, you’re gonna have a stagnation date and time in Logos 9. It’s obtained a studying curve that you should scale first.

Keep in mind : you don ’ t want the Batmobile for a 15-minute {change}. ; – )

Depreciation to get a Logos Bible Software program low cost

Suppose you learn via revelation that and also you ’ re distillery as enthusiastic about Logos Bible Software program 8 as I’m, woohoo ! It ’ south date and time to set you ngoc with your personal base package deal. And that ’ s fairly lifetime. merely go to my web page on Logos ’ web page, select a base package deal, and celebration learning !

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