Top 6 Open Source Disk Cloning and Imaging Softwares

harrow cloning is nothing {but} the method of copying the contents of 1 new disk ( or division ) to a different phonograph report or to an “ persona ” file. I make precaution recurrently utilizing rsnapshot instrument, {but} I in addition to clone my new phonograph report a couple of times a month. This selection permits me to revive my OS and put in software program promptly. Linux comes with versatile utilities for performing magnetic disk clone. On this stake, I ’ meter going to record my {favorite} open supply harrow cloning softwares that has saved my goal a number of instances.

#1: {Old} posthumous dd command

The physician of divinity repression lets you make the low-level replicate and conversion of knowledge in pure format. It copies the usual comment to the usual output. It may in addition to be used for backing ngoc the boot sector ( MBR ) of a new power or demolish information utilizing /dev/zero or /dev/random .


To clone /dev/sdb3 division to a different partition known as /dev/sdc3, accede :
# dd suppose=/dev/sdb3 of=/dev/sdc3 bs=4096 conv=noerror
You’ll be able to clone a new magnetic disk /dev/sdc to /dev/sdd :
# dd suppose=/dev/sdc of=/dev/sdd bs=1M conv=noerror
You’ll be able to duplicate a harrow division known as /dev/sda1 as a phonograph report image file known as file :
# dd suppose=/dev/sda1 of=/path/to/protected/location/precaution.sda1.07.28.12.img bs=4096 conv=noerror
# dd suppose=/dev/sda1 of=/nfs/precaution/pictures/precaution.sda1.07.28.12.img bs=1M conv=noerror
To revive a picture, run :
# dd suppose=/nfs/precaution/pictures/precaution.sda1.07.28.12.img of=/dev/sda1 bs=1M conv=noerror
The physician of divinity command could make backing of any partition no matter an working system. You should utilize it with FreeBSD / OpenBSD / Mac OS X / MS-Home windows and therefore on :

(Video.01: dd clone new disk demo)

Say hi there to ddrescue

The ddrescue repression copies information from one file or stuff turn off eye to a different, making an attempt new to rescue information in casing of learn errors. The physician of divinity command will fail {but} ddrescue will proceed :
# ddrescue /dev/sda /dev/sdb

#2 partimage – Prevention partitions right into a compressed picture file

The partimage repression backs ngoc disk partitions into trope information and restores them ( very similar to Ghost ). You should utilize the apt-get repression underneath Debian / Ubuntu Linux to put in the lapp :
# apt-get set up partimage
Suppose you’re utilizing RHEL / Fedora / SL / Pink Hat / CentOS Linux, activate EPEL repo and kind the play alongside yum command :
# yum set up partimage
Sort partimage ampere follows to see assorted choices :
# partimage
Pattern outputs :
Now you can comply with on display {instructions} to precaution or restore pictures .


Construct an trope of /dev/sda2 ( make necessarily /dev/sda2 just isn’t mounted ) :
# partimage -z1 -o -d {save} /dev/sda2 /nfs/precaution/laptop computer.wks01.sda1.home_07_08_2012.gz
You’ll be able to restore it as follows :
# partimage restore /dev/sda2 /nfs/precaution/laptop computer.wks01.sda1.home_07_08_2012.gz.000
See similar to make use of this quick software program to accompaniment and restore pictures :

(Video.02: partimage command demo)
Please annotation that partimage will fully copy information from the use partition of the division. That is carried out for rush and effectivity, free time blocks should not written to the picture file. For the reason that partition is processed on a consecutive sector footing harrow switch date and time is maximized and check out date and time is minimized .

A annotation about server software program

Partitions could be saved throughout the membrane grid utilizing the partimage membrane grid again, or utilizing Samba / NFS ( Membrane grid File Techniques ). This gives the flexibility to carry out an new magnetic disk partition {recovery} after a magnetic disk crash. You might want to set up partimage-server software program which gives server daemon for outback imaging, very similar to Ghost. See documentation for extra info .

#3: Clonezilla

Suppose you need to exchange Norton Ghost Company Version, strive Clonezilla. It gives the come options :

  1. Catastrophe {recovery}
  2. Disk cloning
  3. Disk imaging
  4. Deployment measure
  5. Free time and Open supply

This software program lets you do naked alloy backing and {recovery}. Clonezilla works in any one of many comply with mode :

  • Clonezilla dwell – Use this stay or for {single} machine precaution and restore.
  • Clonezilla server version – Use this at workplace or information heart for enormous deployment, it might clone many (40 plus!) computer systems concurrently. Clonezilla saves and restores solely used blocks within the harddisk. This will increase the clone effectivity.

= > Obtain clonezilla software program.

#4 Mondo rescue

One other posthumous negligence calamity {recovery} software program that I take advantage of often. It really works with Linux /FreeBSD and helps clone tapes, disks, USB gadgets, membrane grid and CD/DVD as backing media, a number of filesystems, LVM, software program and {hardware} RAID. restoration could also be carried out from a bodily media together with OBDR tape temporary support, or CD/DVD/USB media, or from the membrane grid by means of PXE .
This software program utilized by Lockheed-Martin, Nortel Networks, Siemens, HP, IBM, NASA ’ randomness JPL, the US Dept of Agriculture, dozens of smaller firms, and tens of hundreds of customers speaking around the family .
= > Obtain Mondo Rescue software program .

#5 Redo precaution and {recovery}

Redo backing and convalescence is a free time backing and catastrophe {recovery} software program. It runs from a bootable Linux CD image, contains a GUI, and is able to bare-metal precaution and {recovery} of magnetic disk partitions. It may use however new drives and membrane grid shares. It’s the easiest distributor level and {click} open reservoir precaution and convalescence measure accessible. You’ll be able to retailer pictures on an however drive or membrane grid shares comparable to nfs primarily based share folders .
= > Obtain transform precaution and {recovery} software program .

#6 Trinity Rescue Package

Trinity Rescue Package or TRK is a free time dwell Linux distribution that goals particularly at {recovery} and hang-out operations on MS-Home windows techniques, {but} is equally practical for linux {recovery} points comparable to as rescue, rectify, password resets and magnetic disk clone. Some options :

  1. Reset home windows passwords with the improved winpass instrument.
  2. 5 completely different virusscan merchandise built-in in a {single} uniform commandline with on-line replace functionality.
  3. Warm no ntfs write temporary support because of ntfs-3g
  4. Winclean, a utility that cleans ngoc revelation kinds of pointless non permanent information in your pc.
  5. Clone computer systems over the membrane grid through multicast.
  6. Contributed precaution utility known as “pi”, to automate native machine backups
  7. Perhaps script to search out and mount revelation native filesystems
  8. {Recovery} and undeletion of information with utilities and procedures
  9. {Recovery} of stray partitions
  10. Evacuation of dying disks
  11. 2 rootkit detection uitilities
  12. And rather more

= > Obtain three rescue package software program .

My {favorite} software program

For unsheathed steel restore I desire physician of divinity dominate ( gziped pictures ) because it contains copy of the kick sector, boot partition and the measure partition. The physician of divinity command works effectively for little peak frame-up or rampart customers. {But}, for a big equipment and information heart, I desire to make use of both clonezilla or mondo rescue softwaee resulting from ease of use and dependability.

Have a darling open supply disk cloning and catastrophe {recovery} software program ? Bought another ? Tell us your desire app within the goodwill under.

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