SAS Tutorial for Beginners: What is & Programming Example

What’s SAS?

SAS is a command-driven statistical software program suite vast used for statistical knowledge separation and visible picture. SAS warm no operating is statistical Separation Software program. It means that you can use qualitative methods and processes which assist you to reinforce worker productiveness and enterprise income. SAS is in addition to used for achieve analytics like enterprise information, crime interrogation, and predictive separation. SAS is pronounced as “ SaaS. ”
In SAS, datum is extracted & categorized which lets you receive face and analyze knowledge patterns. It’s a software program suite which lets you carry out superior separation, Enterprise Intelligence, Predictive Separation, knowledge administration to function successfully within the aggressive & altering enterprise situations. moreover, SAS is platform impartial which implies you’ll be able to run SAS on any function association both Linux or Home windows.

In comparison with different BI instruments, SAS offers intensive temporary to programmatically rework and analyze knowledge, other than utilizing the embroil and drop interface. This offers an identical farinaceous function over knowledge dealing with and analyze which is its USP .
On this SAS tutorial for novices, you’ll study

Why do we’d like SAS?

Let ’ s perceive the necessity for SAS with a dim-witted instance :
Contemplate an e-commerce firm that desires to know the purchase patterns of its prospects primarily based on diachronic knowledge. The caller should take into account hundreds of papers of a number of prospects, to get the generalize perception .
The corporate might not have allness these knowledge required for the separation. For mannequin, suppose a buyer didn’t purchase a Jacket, then what are the elements which stopped them not purchase the Jacket ? This lacking knowledge might construct errors in your separation. Depreciation are you able to we eliminate these issues ? Depreciation can we deal with the sort of knowledge ?
Suppose performed manually, this tax would require tons of of analysts and hundreds of man-hours. By utilizing SAS analytic instrument, you are able to do the identical separation in a subject of hours with a {single} analyst. SAS device means that you can get rid of pointless knowledge and optimize the related data. It is going to allow you to foretell an consequence even with lacking knowledge. SAS allows you to take higher choices .

Different SAS Instruments

SAS Tool Alternatives
R: It’s open-source software program. It’s perhaps to study R as it’s properly documented. It provides new statistical capabilities .
Python is one other in style open-source script terminology. It’s affirm libraries comparable to Numpy, Scipy, and MatPlotLib. You possibly can carry out any statistical mathematical course of, or you’ll be able to construct any mannequin utilizing these libraries .
SAS: It’s the extensively used analytic device within the business analytics market. With a overplus of statistical features and adept GUI .
On this SAS programming tutorial, we are going to focus on about Statistical Analytical Programs, and Depreciation it may be used to resolve our issues .

SAS historical past

  • SAS was developed by Jim Goodnight and John Shall in 1970 at N.C. College
  • Initially, it was developed for Agricultural Analysis.
  • Later, it expanded to a gamut of instruments to incorporate Predictive Analytics, Information Administration, BI amongst others.
  • Present 98 of family’s high firms in fortune 400 makes use of SAS knowledge analytical device for Information separation.

{adjacent} on this SAS terminology tutorial, we are going to find out about options of SAS .

SAS Options

Key options of SAS are :

  • Simply entry uncooked knowledge recordsdata & knowledge in from an in addition database. Learn and write virtually any knowledge format!
  • Handle knowledge utilizing instruments for knowledge entry, modifying retrieval, formatting & conversion
  • Analyze knowledge utilizing descriptive, statistics, multivariate methods, forecasting, modeling, linear programming
  • Superior analytics lets you make adjustments and enhancements in enterprise practices.
  • Grace message formation with good dynasty graphs
  • Operations analysis and undertaking Administration
  • Information updating and modification
  • Highly effective knowledge dealing with bearing ears with
  • Wonderful knowledge cleaning features
  • Work together with a number of host techniques

subsequent on this SAS for novices tutorial, we are going to find out about SAS Product suite .

SAS Product Suite

There are various SAS merchandise is obtainable available in the market. Following is a listing of the extra democratic ones .

Political name Expression
Base SAS Base SAS software program provides {hardware} agility and integrates into allness sort of computing setting.
SAS/GRAPH This device lets you signify structured knowledge into graphs.
SAS/STAT This device lets you carry out various kinds of regression, statistical separation variance, regression, and psychometric separation.
SAS/ETS It’s used for forecasting. Lets you carry out the date and time sequence separation.
SAS/IML Interactive Matric bearing ears with is called IML. This device lets you translate mathematical formulation into an progressive program.
SAS EBI A device for Enterprise Intelligence Purposes
SAS Grid Supervisor It’s a core barrel element which provides knowledge administration facility and a programming bearing ears with for knowledge separation
SAS/OR Instrument for Operation analysis
SAS/QC Use for High quality restraint
SAS/Enterprise Miner Information mining
SAS/PH Medical trial separation
SAS/AF It provides functions facility
Enterprise Information It’s a GUI primarily based code editor & undertaking supervisor

subsequent on this SAS tutorials information, we are going to find out about SAS structure .

SAS Structure

SAS Architecture
structure of SAS

SAS laptop structure is split mainly of three components :

  • Consumer Tier
  • Center Tier
  • Again tier

Consumer tier:

Consumer tier is the place the apply is put in on a machine, the place the drug person is {sitting}. It consists of the elements that are used to view the portal vein and its how dong. It in addition to consists of a regular family vast internet browser that’s used to work together with the portal vein over commonplace HTTP or HTTPS protocol. It in addition to lets you make the SAS internet apply firewall pleasant .

Center tier:

The in-between tier provides a centralize entry bespeak for enterprise data. Revelation entry to how dong is processed by elements working of this tier. The separation of the enterprise logic with show logic lets you leverage the logic of the center tier. moreover, centralized factors of entry make it simpler to implement safety law, administer the portal web site and wangle code adjustments .
The center tier hosts the observe features :
SAS Data Supply Portal Net Apply: It’s the solicitation of JSP, Java servlets, JavaBeans, and different lessons and assets. These elements assist you to entry data saved within the enterprise listing to construct a customizable interface for the person .
Servlet Engine: The servlet locomotive is in addition to referred to as a servlet container. It’s creditworthy for managing the SAS Data Supply Portal Net Apply. The servlet engine provides a run clock setting. It offers concurrence, deployment, lifecycle administration, and so on .
Net server: Net server provides avail for the servlet engine which can be utilized to host web page. This ought to be accessed utilizing the portal .

Again Tier:

The again tier is an realm the place the information and data servers run which can comprise enterprise objects. It’s an enterprise listing server. The enterprise listing server maintains metadata about how dong which is positioned all through the enterprise .

Depreciation to Obtain and Set up SAS

native Obtain in your machine
Step 1) Obtain SAS from given hyperlink
Go to this hyperlink hypertext switch protocol : // program/university-edition.html and {click} on Get Free time Software program .
How to Download SAS
Step 2) Choose your Working System
Choose the function association as per your system .
Downloading SAS
Step 3) Obtain and set up Virtualization Software program
SAS requires Virtualization Software program like VirtualBox to be put in earlier than it may be put in. listed below are the element steps
How to install SAS
Comply with the steps talked about onscreen to put in SAS. Having VirtualBox and native set up might erstwhile be slippery. We advocate AWS installation-
AWS Set up
You possibly can deploy SAS in AWS. It ’ s eligible for exempt tier .
Step 1) Go to https : // {Click} “ Proceed to Subscribe ”
How to Download and Install SAS in AWS
Step 2) On this {adjacent} display screen, Settle for Phrases .
Downloading and installing SAS in AWS
Step 3) The subscription is pending takes ngoc to 10 moments to approve. You will note the comply defend .
How to install SAS in AWS
Step 4) Refresh the web page, and you’ll subscription confirmed. {Click} on Proceed to Configuration
Installing SAS in AWS
Step 5) Keep interstitial settings nonpayment and {click} Proceed to Start .
Installing SAS in AWS

Step 6) Overview the config web page. Enter a key-value pair. Relaxation settings ought to be the nonpayment. {Click} start
How to Install SAS in AWS
Step 7) Go to https : // and muzzle on View Situations .
Installing SAS in AWS
Step 8) Within the popup

  1. Annotation the occasion id. That is your password
  2. {Click} Entry software program

How to install SAS in AWS
Step 9) Within the popup, that seems after you {click} in step 8

  1. Enter person credentials. Id: sasdemo password: occasion id famous in step 8
  2. {Click} Sign up

Installing SAS in AWS
Step 10) You will note the prelude display screen .
Installing SAS in AWS
Suppose you aren’t capable of friendship, go to https : // ? area=us-east-1 # SecurityGroups : kind=groupId and inbound/outbound law to allness

Depreciation to Use SAS?

To efficaciously use SAS software program it is advisable to observe 4 steps that are : Entry Information, Administration Information, Analyze, Current

How to use SAS
Depreciation to make use of SAS

Entry Information:
SAS means that you can entree knowledge in any craved format that you really want .
You possibly can entry knowledge that’s saved wherever, whether or not it’s in a file in your group or knowledge that’s saved in one other database system. It may be oracle file, SAS database file, Uncooked Database file or a simpleton XLS /CSV file. It is going to assist you to entry this knowledge with ease .
Handle Information:
SAS provides three big knowledge administration capabilities. You possibly can subset/slice knowledge primarily based on fixed situations, make variable, clear & validate knowledge. There are different instruments which let you carry out the identical enterprise. nevertheless, SAS lets you carry out this drawback with ease .
SAS has well-defined libraries and processes which makes this system course of perhaps. moreover, creating variable or subset knowledge is posthumous one step course of. This protects you from writing complicated algorithm by exactly a one line of code .
You are able to do respective sorts of analyze utilizing SAS :

  • It checks Troublesome of Imply data
  • Regression and Forecasting
  • Resolution Tree

Revelation these analyzes can properly deal with by SAS. It’s the finest device for correct bode .
Suppose you visualize knowledge accurately, it’s easy for the listening to to narrate to it. It’s {essential} that your cock current the datum in an acceptable method. That ’ s what SAS does for you. It has wonderful presentation capabilities .
You possibly can :
1. record studies
2. abstract studies
3. Graph studies
4. print studies

SAS Program Instance

SAS Program consists of three necessity steps :

  • Information Step
  • Proc Step
  • Output Step

DATA Step:

Information footprint hundreds the wanted knowledge rig into SAS reminiscence and finds the proper variables of the datum hardening. It in addition to captures the papers. We will use knowledge steps to :

  • Enter knowledge into SAS knowledge units
  • Compute Values
  • Test or appropriate knowledge
  • Produce new knowledge units

The syntax for DATA pen battle is :

DATA data_set_name;		#Give a political name to the dataset
INPUT var1,var2,var3; 		#Declare variables within the dataset.
NEW_VAR;			         #Outline new variables.
LABEL;			      	#Give variables a label
DATALINES;		      	#Present knowledge

Following instance present Depreciation to outline a variable star, naming the datum set, creating uncooked variables and coming into the datum. On this mannequin, you’ll be able to see that string variable have a $ on the terminate, and numeric values are with out it .

comm = SALARY*1.50;
LABEL ID = 'Emp_ID' comm = 'COMMISION';
1 Tom 5000 IT
2 Harry 6000 Operations
3 Michelle 7000 IT
4 Dick 8000 HR
5 John 9000 Finance 

annotation : To execute SAS {Statement} have to specify the RUN command .


It performs particular separation or features to provide re-launch and studies .

PROC procedure_name choices; #The political name of the proc.

The given instance makes use of the MEANS routine to print the imply values of the numeric variables within the datum sic .



You possibly can show the information from the information with conditional terminate product statements .

PROC PRINT DATA = data_set;

Each SAS program should observe allness the above mentions steps to learn the enter knowledge, analyzing the information and giving the output of the separation. The RUN confinement on the purpose of every measure finishes the efficiency of that footprint .

The entire SAS Program

Under given is the whole code for every of the above steps .
SAS Program Example
Example of SAS Program

SAS Program Example
Example of SAS Program

The place is SAS used?

Under given are some {important} SAS functions:

Trade Utilization
Pharmaceutical Statistical Separation, Reporting
Telecom ETL, Reporting, Information Mining, Forecasting
Financials ETL, Reporting, Information Mining, Monetary analysis
Predictive modeling DBMarketing, Exercise-Based mostly Administration
Healthcare ETL, reporting, Information Mining


SAS is business software program, therefore it requires a monetary funding. R is open supply software program. Therefore anybody can use it.
SAS is an best analytical device to study. Even child in with restricted {knowledge} of SQL can study it shortly. R requires you to put in writing sophisticated and prolonged codes.
SAS is a extremely most well-liked selection by three big firms and is kind of technically superior & user-friendly. R is quick creating software program; nevertheless, it is advisable to keep hold upgrading it.
SAS has posthumous graphical temporary {but} doesn’t provide any customization. Graphical temporary of R device is all ink poor.

Benefits of SAS

  • SAS has an perhaps syntax which could be discovered with none kind of programming {knowledge}
  • Skill to deal with a big database with ease
  • SAS is a all ink understandable bearing ears with which might simply be debugged
  • Its “log” window clearly states the error which lets you debug your code simply
  • SAS helps you completely review and analyze the algorithm
  • SAS is totally secured therefore you’ll be able to’t extract with out a license within the workplace
  • Makes statistical computing simpler for the non-programming customers
  • Handles giant {size} database successfully.

Disadvantages of SAS

  • Fee is excessive as a result of particular person or group can’t use it allness functions with out a correct license
  • SAS just isn’t open supply therefore, algorithms utilized in SAS will not be accessible for widespread use
  • Method mining is a all ink {troublesome} and tough course of in SAS.


  • SAS software program which means Statistical Separation Software program which is used for Information analytics
  • R and Python are two extensively used different instruments of SAS.
  • SAS was developed by Jim Goodnight and John Shall in1970 at N.C. College
  • SAS means that you can entry uncooked knowledge recordsdata & knowledge in an in addition database of any type
  • SAS structure is split primarily of three components 1)Consumer Tier 2) Center Tier 3) Again tier
  • To make use of SAS software program it is advisable to observe 4 steps that are: 1)Entry Information, 2)Administration 3) Analyze Information, 4) Presentation
  • SAS Program consists of three {basic} steps: Information Step, Proc Step, and Output Step
  • SAS knowledge analytical device is extensively utilized in sectors like Pharmaceutical, Telecom, Financials, Predictive modeling, and Healthcare
  • SAS is business software program whereas R is open supply software program
  • The most important advantage of SAS programmer device is that it has an perhaps syntax that may be discovered with none kind of programming {knowledge}.
  • One of many drawbacks of SAS mannequin is that it’s not an open supply device. Therefore, algorithms utilized in SAS procedures will not be accessible for widespread use.
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