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Account Hierarchy Permits Dad or mum-Baby Billing for Elevated Effectivity

subscription companies within the B2B kingdom could have subscribers that are organized into in contrast to occupation entities—for mannequin, a enterprise with a number of areas, an enterprise with a number of enterprise items, or a accumulate with a number of subsidiaries. In orderliness to invoice these subscribers effectively and precisely, they want to have the ability to outline these “ parent-child ” billing relationships of their subscription administration platform .
Recurly ’ south Account Hierarchy sport lets Recurly clients invoice a guardian account for its baby ’ s subscriptions or invoice a toddler ’ south thank you for its personal subscription—and examine these relationships in Recurly .
By creating parent-child relationships, Recurly clients achieve enhance efficiencies by automating cost by the versatile supplement of cost tasks for every thank you. Term, a rear account may be creditworthy for paying the bill for one or many baby accounts. Or, a toddler account may be answerable for paying its personal bill.

listed below are some ways in which you should use account hierarchy to learn your subscription enterprise .

SaaS enterprise billing a number of baby accounts to guardian account

A College with a number of departments provides entry to a software program broadcast that permits stay cyclosis of lectures ampere effectively as publishing course message on-line. In ordering for revelation departments to have entry to this serve, the College should pay for a subscription for every {department}.

On this case, the College is the “ guardian ” ( billing proprietor ) and the “ kids ” are the versatile departments of the college, and the College is the entity being billed for the subscriptions belonging to the departments utilizing the avail .

Franchise SaaS enterprise billing every baby account straight

A SaaS firm sells CRM software program that collects contact data from a enterprise ’ clients who wish to entry the enterprise ’ wi-fi native realm membrane grid. For mannequin, Bob ’ s Burger Joint, a restaurant chain, lets their clients entry their wi-fi native realm membrane grid suppose they supply their diagnose and e-mail handle. Every hamburger placement has a subscription to the CRM software program that’s paid for by both the rear caller ( Bob ’ s Burger Joint {headquarters} ) OR is paid for by the franchise proprietor of a Bob ’ s Burger Joint location. Account Hierarchy provides firms the agile to set ngoc completely different cost preparations.


Visibility and streamlined reporting

By Account Hierarchy, Recurly clients have a web see right into a rear thank you and its affiliate baby accounts, together with requital tasks and invoices, revelation in a single place. This amalgamate {scene} into the tax earnings earned from a guardian thank you and its consort baby accounts helps to streamline fiscal thank you. These efficiencies in finance and accounting workflows lead to important time-savings in figuring out guardian and baby accounts ’ invoices and gross .
Can your small business profit from creating account hierarchies ?
Account Hierarchy is out there in Recurly ’ s Enterprise plan. To study extra, please learn our documentation .

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