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Superior macOS open supply purposes

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tilt of wonderful open reference purposes for macOS. This record comprises a set of native, and cross-platform apps. The impartial purpose of this repository is to seek out free time open generator apps and celebration contributing. Really feel free time to contribute to the record, any ideas are prelude !
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You’ll be able to see wherein bearing ears with an app is written. presently there are following languages :

  • c_icon – C bearing ears with.
  • cpp_icon – C++ bearing ears with.
  • c_sharp_icon – C# bearing ears with.
  • clojure_icon – Clojure bearing ears with.
  • coffee_script_icon – CoffeeScript bearing ears with.
  • css_icon – CSS bearing ears with.
  • go_icon – Go bearing ears with.
  • elm_icon – Elm bearing ears with.
  • haskell_icon – Haskell bearing ears with.
  • javascript_icon – JavaScript bearing ears with.
  • lua_icon – Lua bearing ears with.
  • objective_c_icon – Goal-C bearing ears with.
  • python_icon – Python bearing ears with.
  • ruby_icon – Ruby bearing ears with.
  • rust_icon – Rust bearing ears with.
  • shell_icon – Shell bearing ears with.
  • swift_icon – Swift bearing ears with.
  • typescript_icon – TypeScript bearing ears with.





  • BorgBase/Vorta – Easy and Safe Outward Backups python_icon
  • Mackup – Keep hold your apply settings in sync (macOS/Linux). python_icon
  • Syncalicious – Holding a number of macOS preferences in sync could be painful, {but} it should not be. swift_icon
  • UrBackup – UrBackup is Shopper/Server membrane grid prevention for Home windows, macOS and Linux. cpp_icon c_icon
  • shallow-backup – Simply construct light-weight documentation of put in purposes, dotfiles, and extra. python_icon




  • Steadiness Open – App for description the family’s currencies. swift_icon
  • CoinBar – macOS menu bar apply for monitoring crypto coin costs. swift_icon
  • Copay – A safe bitcoin pockets platform for each desktop and cellular units. typescript_icon
  • Crypto Bar – macOS menu bar apply constructed with Electron. javascript_icon
  • Float coin – Native menu bar app with battering window and temporary for a lot of Exchanges. swift_icon




JSON Parsing

  • JSON Mapper – Easy macOS app to generate Swift Object Mapper courses from JSON. swift_icon
  • JSON to Mannequin depending – Template primarily based extremely customizable macOS app to generate courses from JSON string, helps many languages. swift_icon
  • JSONExport – Desktop apply for macOS which allows you to export JSON objects as mannequin courses with their related constructors, utility strategies, setters and getters in your {favorite} bearing ears with. swift_icon
  • j2s – macOS app to transform JSON objects into Swift structs (presently targets Swift 4 and Codable). swift_icon

Different Growth

  • Boop – A scriptable scratchpad for builders. swift_icon javascript_icon
  • ChefInspector – Node and Attribute viewer for Chef swift_icon
  • MQTTX – A chic Cross-platform MQTT 5.0 desktop shopper. javascript_icon typescript_icon
  • macho-browser – Browser for macOS Mach-O binaries. objective_c_icon
  • vegvisir – Browser primarily based GUI for LLDB Debugger. javascript_icon

Internet Growth

iOS / macOS




  • TableTool – easy CSV editor for the macOS. objective_c_icon


  • JSON Editor – Lifeless easy JSON editor utilizing josdejong/jsoneditor typescript_icon
  • JSON-Splora – GUI for enhancing, visualizing, and manipulating JSON knowledge. javascript_icon


  • Gingko – Tree-structured markdown editor for macOS, Home windows, and Linux. elm_icon
  • MacDown – Markdown editor for macOS. objective_c_icon
  • Mark Method – Realtime preview markdown editor for macOS Home windows and Linux. javascript_icon
  • Notenik – Annotation-taking app with many organizational choices. swift_icon
  • Pine – A contemporary MacOS markdown editor. swift_icon
  • QOwnNotes – Plain-text file notepad and todo-list supervisor with markdown temporary and ownCloud / Nextcloud integration. cpp_icon
  • Zettlr – A Markdown Editor for the twenty first century. javascript_icon typescript_icon
  • linked – 🧾 Your normal journal app, daily newspaper or anything to unclutter your {mind}. Let linked assist you get centered by writing down what’s in your {mind} on a normal foundation. javascript_icon ![vue_icon] css_icon


  • Qilin Editor – Method editor for precise sciences with built-in KaTeX/AsciiMath temporary. javascript_icon


  • CotEditor – Light-weight Plain-Method Editor for macOS. swift_icon
  • MacVim – Method editor for macOS. c_icon
  • Noto – Plain textual content editor for macOS with customizable themes. swift_icon
  • SubEthaEdit – Overall function plain textual content editor for macOS. Broadly recognized for its stay cooperation characteristic. objective_c_icon
  • TextMate – TextMate is a graphical textual content editor for macOS. objective_c_icon
  • Tincta – One-window textual content editor with syntax highlighting. objective_c_icon
  • VimR – Refined Neovim expertise for macOS. swift_icon
  • micro – A terminal-based textual content editor that goals to be lifetime to make use of and intuitive, whereas additionally profiting from the capabilities of contemporary terminals. go_icon
  • reventlou – Private database as an data administration system. typescript_icon swift_icon



Video games




  • APNGb – macOS app which assembles and disassembles animated png recordsdata. swift_icon
  • Crunch – Insane(ly gradual {but} depraved posthumous) PNG picture optimization. python_icon
  • ExifCleaner – Scars picture metadata with drag and drop, multi-core batch processing, and darkish mode. javascript_icon
  • Freehand – macOS Standing Bar App for fast sketch. swift_icon
  • Gimp – Gimp is GNU Picture Manipulation Program. c_icon
  • Iconology – {Edit} icons after which export to Xcode, icns, ico, favicon, macOS iconset, or a customized anthology. swift_icon
  • ImageAlpha – Mac GUI for pngquant, pngnq and posterizer. objective_c_icon python_icon
  • Think about – Think about is a desktop app for compression of PNG and JPEG, with a contemporary and pleasant UI. typescript_icon
  • InVesalius – 3D medical imaging reconstruction software program python_icon
  • Inkscape – Inkscape is a Free time and open supply vector graphics editor. ![c++_icon]
  • Katana – Katana is an easy screenshot utility for macOS that lives in your menubar. javascript_icon css_icon
  • Krita – Krita is a cross-platform apply for creating digital artwork recordsdata from scratch like illustrations, definition artwork, matte portray, textures, comics and animations. cpp_icon python_icon c_icon
  • PhotoMiner – macOS app for locating and stray {forgotten} images in your disks. swift_icon
  • Screenbar – macOS menubar app for automating screenshots. swift_icon
  • Seashore – Perhaps to make use of macOS picture enhancing apply for the remainder of us. objective_c_icon
  • WebPonize – WebPonize is a macOS App for changing PNG, JPEG, animated (or not) GIF photos into WebP. swift_icon c_icon


  • AnnePro-mac – macOS apply for controlling AnnePro keyboard over bluetooth. swift_icon
  • Fluor – Helpful device for macOS permitting you to change Fn keys’ mode primarily based on energetic apply. swift_icon
  • GokuRakuJoudo – Karabiner-Components configuration supervisor, rescue to bloated karabiner.json clojure_icon
  • Karabiner – Karabiner (KeyRemap4MacBook) is a robust utility for keyboard customization. cpp_icon objective_c_icon
  • Karabiner-Components – Karabiner-Components is a robust utility for keyboard customization on macOS Sierra (10.12) or later. cpp_icon objective_c_icon
  • Kawa – Higher enter supply switcher for macOS. swift_icon
  • Keycastr – Keystroke visualizer. ![Objective-C_icon]
  • Thor – Swap the best apply ASAP. swift_icon
  • Unshaky – A software program try to deal with the “double key press” challenge on Apple’s butterfly keyboard swift_icon


  • Correo – Menubar/taskbar Gmail App for Home windows and macOS. javascript_icon
  • ElectronMail – Unofficial desktop app for ProtonMail and Tutanota end-to-end encrypted e-mail suppliers. typescript_icon
  • Mailspring – πŸ’Œ A easy to see, quick and maintained fork of @nylas Mail by one of many initial authors javascript_icon
  • Rambox – Cross Platform messaging and emailing app that mixes frequent net purposes into one. javascript_icon css_icon
  • SimpleLogin – E-mail Alias measure: defend your actual e-mail deal with. swift_icon
  • Thunderbird – Backed by Mozilla, Thunderbird is an extensible e-mail, newsfeed, talk, and calendaring shopper. cpp_icon javascript_icon rust_icon
  • dejalu – Quick and Easy E-mail Shopper. cpp_icon objective_c_icon


  • InVesalius – 3D medical imaging reconstruction software program python_icon



  • Carol – A minimal and easy to see lyrics app that stays within the menu bar of macOS. c_sharp_icon
  • ChordDetector – {Tiny} menu bar app that listens iTunes and Spotify to detect chords of songs! swift_icon
  • DeezPlayer – Deezer Desktop app for Home windows, Linux and macOS. coffee_script_icon
  • Karaoke {Forever} – Host superior karaoke events the place everybody can queue songs from their telephone’s browser. Performs MP3+G and MP4 with WebGL visualizations. javascript_icon
  • Lilypond UI – Construct easy to see musical scores with LilyPond. javascript_icon
  • MPV – Light-weight, extremely configurable media participant. c_icon
  • Music Bar – Music Bar is macOS apply that locations music controls proper in your menu bar. swift_icon
  • NoiseBuddy – Restraint the listening mode in your AirPods Professional within the Contact Bar or Menu Bar. swift_icon
  • PlayStatus – PlayStatus is a macOS app that permits the restraint of Spotify and iTunes music playback from the menu bar. swift_icon
  • Plug – Uncover and {listen} to music from Hype Machine. swift_icon
  • SoundCleod – SoundCloud for macOS and Home windows. javascript_icon
  • Spotify-Cli-Mac – Restraint Spotify with out leaving your terminal. 🎢 javascript_icon
  • YouTube-Music – macOS wrapper for swift_icon
  • iTunes Graphs – macOS app to visualise your iTunes library as graphs. swift_icon
  • lyricsify – Easy Spotify lyrics viewer menu bar app for macOS in Swift. swift_icon



  • Boostnote – Annotation-taking apply made for programmers identical to you. javascript_icon
  • Dnote – A easy command line pocket book with multi-device sync and net interface. go_icon typescript_icon
  • FSNotes – Records supervisor for macOS/iOS: contemporary notational velocity (nvALT) on steroids. swift_icon
  • FromScratch – Little peak app that you need to use as a fast annotation taking or todo app. javascript_icon css_icon
  • Jupyter Pocket book Viewer – Pocket book viewer for macOS. swift_icon
  • NoteTaker – Easy annotation taking app for macOS and iOS which makes use of Realm and CloudKit for syncing. swift_icon
  • Notenik – Annotation-taking app with many organizational choices. swift_icon
  • Records – Records is a macOS apply constructed to construct records, utilizing textual content amongst different codecs: photos, movies, contacts, and and so forth. swift_icon
  • QOwnNotes – Plain-text file notepad and todo-list supervisor with markdown temporary and ownCloud / Nextcloud integration. cpp_icon
  • Simplenote – Easiest method to keep interstitial records. objective_c_icon
  • Commonplace Records – Protected place in your records, ideas, and life’s work. javascript_icon css_icon
  • Tusk – Unofficial, third-party, neighborhood pushed Evernote app with a handful of {useful} options. javascript_icon css_icon
  • joplin – Annotation taking and to-do apply with synchronization capabilities for Home windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. javascript_icon
  • linked – 🧾 Your normal journal app, daily newspaper or anything to unclutter your {mind}. Let linked assist you get centered by writing down what’s in your {mind} on a normal foundation. javascript_icon ![vue_icon] css_icon
  • notable – Easy annotation taking apply. javascript_icon
  • tmpNote – All ink easy macOS app to make momentary records. swift_icon



  • IINA – The contemporary video participant for macOS. swift_icon
  • MPV – Light-weight, extremely configurable media participant. c_icon
  • MPlayerX – Media participant on macOS. objective_c_icon
  • MacMorpheus – 3D 180/360 video participant for macOS for PSVR with head monitoring. objective_c_icon
  • Film Monad – Desktop video participant constructed with Haskell that makes use of GStreamer and GTK+. haskell_icon
  • Plug – Uncover and {listen} to music from Hype Machine. swift_icon





Sharing Recordsdata

  • Cyberduck – Cyberduck is a libre server and cloud storage browser for Mac and Home windows with temporary for FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, OpenStack Swift, Backblaze B2, Microsoft Azure & OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox. java_icon
  • Deluge – Light-weight cross-platform BitTorrent shopper. python_icon
  • NitroShare – Transferring recordsdata from one machine to a different cpp_icon
  • Rhea – macOS standing bar app for rapidly sharing recordsdata and URLs. objective_c_icon
  • Soduto – Soduto is a KDEConnect suitable apply for macOS. It offers AirDrop like integration and permits file and clipboard sharing between your telephones, desktops and tablets. swift_icon objective_c_icon
  • Transmission – Official Transmission BitTorrent shopper repository. objective_c_icon c_icon
  • Tribler – Privateness enhanced BitTorrent shopper with P2P how dong discovery. python_icon
  • mac2imgur – Easy Mac app designed to make importing photos and screenshots to Imgur fast and easy. swift_icon
  • qBittorrent – BitTorrent shopper in Qt. cpp_icon

Social Networking

  • Caprine – Elegant Fb Messenger desktop app. javascript_icon css_icon
  • Goofy – Unofficial Fb Messenger shopper. javascript_icon
  • Leviathan – Leviathan is a iOS and macOS shopper apply for the Mastodon social membrane grid. swift_icon
  • Messenger – macOS app wrapping Fb’s Messenger for desktop. objective_c_icon
  • Product Hunt – share and uncover your {favorite} new merchandise and purposes. swift_icon
  • Quail – Unofficial esa app. javascript_icon
  • Ramme – Unofficial Instagram Desktop App. javascript_icon css_icon
  • RedditOS – A SwiftUI Reddit shopper for macOS. swift_icon
  • Simpo – macOS menubar app to lesson standing rapidly. swift_icon


  • Galeri – Perpetual paintings streaming app. javascript_icon
  • OBS Studio – Free time and open supply software program for stay streaming and display screen {recording}. cpp_icon
  • Plug – Uncover and {listen} to music from Hype Machine. swift_icon



Contact Bar


VPN & Proxy

  • ShadowsocksX-NG – Subsequent Technology of ShadowsocksX. swift_icon
  • Specht – Rule-based proxy app constructed with Membrane grid Extension for macOS. swift_icon
  • SpechtLite – Rule-based proxy app for macOS. swift_icon
  • Tunnelblick – Tunnelblick is a graphic person interface for OpenVPN on macOS. objective_c_icon
  • clashX – A rule primarily based customized proxy with GUI for Mac base on conflict. swift_icon
  • rvc-mac – Ribose VPN Shopper macOS Menu App. swift_icon



  • 500-mac-wallpaper – Easy macOS app for the standing bar to mechanically obtain images from to an area folder that may be set as a supply of wallpapers. swift_icon
  • ArtWall – ArtStation set as wallpapers from paintings.rss. objective_c_icon
  • Artify – A macOS apply for bringing dedicatedly 18th century Arts to everybody swift_icon
  • BingPaper – Use Bing normal photograph as your wallpaper on macOS. swift_icon
  • Desktop Wallpaper Switcher – Win / Linux / macOS device for managing and biking desktop wallpapers. cpp_icon
  • Muzei – Muzei wallpaper app for macOS. swift_icon
  • Plash – Make any web site your desktop wallpaper. swift_icon
  • Satellite tv for pc Eyes – macOS app to mechanically set your desktop wallpaper to the satellite tv for pc view overhead. objective_c_icon
  • Sunscreen – Sunscreen is a enjoyable, light-weight apply that modifications your desktop wallpaper primarily based on dawn and sundown. swift_icon
  • WallpaperMenu – macOS menubar apply for navigation by easy to see footage on the internet and set them ngoc as your desktop picture. ruby_icon
  • pyDailyChanger – pyDailyChanger is a program that modifications your wallpaper normal. python_icon

Window Administration

  • AltTab – AltTab brings the ability of Home windows alt-tab to macOS. swift_icon shell_icon
  • Amethyst – Automated tiling window supervisor for macOS. swift_icon
  • AppGrid – Grid-based keyboard window supervisor for macOS. objective_c_icon
  • Desktop Profiles – An revolutionary desktop/window supervisor for macOS swift_icon
  • Hammerspoon – Staggeringly highly effective macOS desktop automation with Lua. lua_icon objective_c_icon
  • {Phoenix} – Light-weight macOS window and app supervisor scriptable with JavaScript. objective_c_icon
  • Rectangle – Rectangle is a window supervisor closely primarily based on Spectacle, written in Swift. swift_icon
  • ShiftIt – Managing home windows {size} and {position}. objective_c_icon
  • Slate – Slate is a window administration apply much like Divvy and SizeUp objective_c_icon
  • Spectacle – Spectacle lets you set up your home windows with out utilizing a mouse. objective_c_icon
  • Yabai – A tiling window supervisor for macOS primarily based on binary area partitioning. c_icon objective_c_icon


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