Sun Ultra 45 and Ultra 25 Workstations Product Notes

Solar Extremely 45 and Extremely 25 Workstations Product Records

The Solar Extremely 45 and Extremely 25 Workstations Product Records comprise late-breaking details about modifications to Solar trademark Extremely trademark 45 and Extremely 25 {hardware}, software program, and documentation. These merchandise records embrace :

Annotation – Description resignation Solar Extremely 45 documentation is accessible at:

{Hardware} Data

Annotation – Earlier than eradicating or putting in any {hardware}, software program, or firmware elements, learn description of those product records, and the service documentation for that element.
Annotation – Earlier than eradicating or putting in any {hardware} elements, learn description of the contents of the Solar Extremely 45 and Extremely 25 Workstations Security and Compliance Information, 819-2785.

Supported Media Sorts for DVD Twin Drive

The DVD twin drive is able to studying and writing to the surveil media varieties :
Reads from :

Writes to :

  • CD-R 700 Mbyte
  • CD-RW 700 Mbyte
  • DVD-R 4.7 Gbyte
  • DVD+R 4.7 Gbyte
  • DVD-RW 4.7 Gbyte

Solar XVR-300 Graphics Accelerator Temporary

Putting in the Solar XVR-300 within the PCIE0 Connector

Suppose you put in a Solar XVR-300 graphics catalyst within the x8 connection, PCI-E0, ( forcible slot No. 2 ), you could set up OpenBoot trademark PROM adaptation 4.25.7 or a subsequent suitable free time. That is necessity for each the Extremely 25 and Extremely 45 workstations .

Variety of Supported Graphics Accelerators and Minimal OS Variations

enhancing to 2 Solar XVR-300 graphics accelerators are supported on Solar Extremely 45 and Extremely 25 workstations. The graphics accelerators require Solaris trademark 10 1/06 function System ( OS ) or former, or Solaris 9 9/05 HW OS or {late} .

Annotation – You could set up packages wanted for the cardboard to run on Solaris 10 1/06 or later from the software program CD-ROM that ships with the Solar XVR-300. Seek advice from the Solar XVR-300 Graphics Accelerator Person’s Information, 819-6651.

Bettering Efficiency of Playing cards Put in in Connector PCIE2

Suppose you’re experiencing any issues with playing cards put in in connection PCIE2, carry out the comply with procedures .
1. Uninstall the software program drive for the cardboard .
2. Transform the calling card to connector PCIE1 .
3. Reinstall the software program drive whereas the cardboard is put in in connection PCIE1 .

Annotation – You may go away the cardboard in PCIE1 or transform it again to PCIE2.

Putting in DIMMs within the Identical {Bank}

Description DIMMs put in within the lapp {bank} should be from the like DIMM producer, and have the reclaim lapp {size} and shape form .

Keyboard and Mouse Connections with Solar XVR-2500

When the workstations had been first launched, the keyboard needed to be linked to the again panels. {late}, again was added due to this fact that the keyboard might be linked to the entrance repression panel USB ports .
nonetheless, suppose you might have put in a Solar XVR-2500 graphics catalyst in both PCIE1 or PCIE2, you could make friends the keyboard to the again panel. The mouse may be linked to the entrance repression panel USB connection .

Supported Firmware and Software program Variations

The comply with firmware and software program variations are supported on this {release} of the Solar Extremely 45 and Extremely 25 workstations :

  • Solaris 10 1/06 Working System (OS)
  • Solaris 9 9/05 HW Working System (OS)
  • Javatrademark Enterprise Techniques (Java ES) 2005Q1 Software program
  • Solar Administration Heart 3.6 Model 2 Add-On Software program (Extremely 45)
  • Solar Administration Heart 3.6 Model 2 Replace 1 Add-on Software program (Extremely 25)
  • SunVTStrademark 6.1 PS1

Annotation – Solar Administration Heart downloads can be found from:

Use the A-Z Index to seek out the most recent Solar Administration Heart Add-on software program.

Annotation – Earlier than putting in any software program onto a Solar Extremely 45 or Extremely 25 new drive, learn the documentation for that software program.

Required Patches

This part describes the patches out there for the Solar Extremely 45 and Extremely 25 workstations. Patches can be found from hypertext switch protocol : // The comply with checklist of mandate patches are loaded on the arduous drive. The mandatary patches should be put in in your workstation do you have to modify or reinstall the OS. different patches could also be put in in your workstation as wanted .
obligatory patches :

  • 118557-03 or larger
  • 118822-30 or larger
  • 119582-04 or larger
  • 119981-09 or larger
  • 119578-18 or larger
  • 120812-13 or larger
  • 120928-07 or larger
  • 121693-03 or larger
  • 122081-01 or larger
  • 121686-01 or larger (For the Solar Extremely 45 Workstation)
  • 121687-01 or larger (For the Solar Extremely 25 Workstation)

suggest patches :

  • 122027-01 or larger
  • 121302-01 or larger
  • 120887-05 or larger

Suppose you might have playing cards put in in your workstation, consult with the documentation and README information for every teaser to find out suppose further patches have to be put in .

Annotation – Earlier than contacting Solar for temporary, be certain that the necessary patches are put in in your workstation. Along with putting in these patches, verify the SunSolveSM site regularly for the supply of recent patches.

procedure icon  To Apply Patches to the Boot Disk

1. Decide whether or not the patches have been put in in your system .
For case, utilizing the showrev command, sort the next :

# showrev -p | grep "Patch: 118822"

  • Suppose you see patch info listed for the queried patch, and the sprint extension (the final two digits) matches or exceeds the required model, your system has the right patches already put in and no additional motion is required.

Term, suppose patch 118822-23 or later is put in, your system has the wanted model of this eyepatch .

  • Suppose you don’t see patch info listed for the queried patch, or suppose the sprint extension precedes the required model, go to Step 2.

For case, suppose no adaptation of the 118822 spot, or a model with an extension of
-22 or earlier is put in, you could obtain and set up the brand new mend .
2. Go to http : // to obtain the patches .
Utilizing the SunSolve PatchFinder instrument, specify the bottom patch ID rely ( the primary gear six digits ) to entry the stream {release} of a eyepatch .
3. Observe the initiation {instructions} supplied in a particular patch ’ s README file .

Annotation – Further details about the most recent patches could also be discovered at:

Recognized Points

This part describes points which can be recognized to exist on the date and time of this passing of the Solar Extremely 45 and Extremely 25 workstations .

Correctable Cloth Errors Happen Between the Solar XVR-300 and PLX Change

Techniques geared up with the Solar XVR-300 graphics accelerator may point out {that a} amendable error has occurred. This erroneousness is innocent, and doesn’t compromise knowledge {integrity} .
To right this challenge, append the succeed traces to the /and so on/system file :

set pcie:pcie_aer_ce_mask=0x11C1
set pcie:pcie_expected_ce_mask=0x11C1

Reboot the system to implement the modifications .
generally after including these traces to the /and so on/system cost, the comply message seems throughout Solaris boot :

sorry, variable ‘pcie_expected_ce_mask’ isn't outlined within the kernel

Suppose you expertise this error message, delete the ultimate line within the /and so on/system file ( set pcie : pcie_expected_ce_mask=0x11C1 ), and reboot the system .

Overall Performance Points

desk 1 lists options that aren’t out there on the date and time of this acquittance of the Solar Extremely 45 and Extremely 25 workstations .

TABLE 1 Overall Performance Points for the Solar Extremely 45 and Extremely 25 workstations
have user
Gnome xmms audio actor and warning message This message is an xmms apply erroneousness. These warnings can safely be ignored, and won’t have an effect on sound {recording} performance .
Solar XVR-2500 graphics accelerator documentation In limit circumstances when a system with a Solar XVR-2500 graphics accelerator circuit board, half quantity 375-3292, is transported with out being repacked into the initial system ice age, the cardboard may fail. Use the initial group packaging, or equal, to move the group.

This restrict doesn’t apply to Solar XVR-2500 graphics accelerators, partially quantity 375-3454 .

photosynthesis media publish temporary Cannot write to DVD+RW media, use DVD-RW, DVD-R or DVD+R media .
Set up patch ID No. 120887-05 or larger .
Ignore subsequent {appearance} of console message “ skipping finalizing ” .

Particular Points and Workarounds

desk 2 and TABLE 3 checklist recognized points on the date and time of this secrete for which a {change} request ID ( CR ID, as soon as referred to as a teaser ID ) has been assigned. The tables moreover checklist doable workarounds for these points .
For extra knowledge about these CRs, go to the SunSolve site .

TABLE 2 Particular Points and Associated CR IDs for the Solar Extremely 45 and Extremely 25 Workstations
CR ID presentation Workaround
6390526 USB 2.0 hub is stray to OpenBoot PROM after Solaris EHCI drive is run. This change will persist after rebooting . none .
4905815 prtfru can’t get producer or serial rely info from SPD realm of commodity DIMMs made by producers who don’t program the data within the DIMM SPD section . Energy off and open system to verify DIMM producer or serial numbers .
6453303 Rebooting the system utilizing boot -r might lead to a kernel {panic} suppose an Emulex-based Fibre Channel card is put in in one other PCI slot in a system with a Solar XVR-100 graphics accelerator put in . none
6317659 Throughout a resume the system might cling . To get better from the bent, workplace cycle the system and kind bang to {avoid} the sum ngoc motorcycle .
6323576 system might intermittently fail suppose rebooted remotely with the next issue-port-enable fail message on the console
  • Sort reset-all on the console or
  • Energy cycle the system
6351895 You may see the be console message throughout a system boot :
warn : ppm_init_cb : ppm family domain_diskfet can be offline
Ought to this occur, a number of the I2C gadgets can be lacking from the gadget tree, together with FRUID PROMs. invoice : There is no such thing as a practical impingement besides that new disks won’t be powered off in capacity saving mode .
boot or family energy cycle the group
6360436 In energy {save} method, the entrance repression panel LED may not blink . No workaround at this {prison} time period .
6368667 The entrance USB 2.0 port generally features at USB 1.1 speeds, even when there are not any USB 1.1 gadgets hooked up . No workaround at this {prison} time period .

6379460 No maintain for 2 Solar XVR-100 graphics accelerators in PCI-X slots . merely one Solar XVR-100 graphics accelerator is supported within the system ( both PCI-X slot ) at this date and time .
TABLE 3 Particular Points and Associated CR IDs for the Solar Extremely 25 workstation
CR ID Presentation

6415504 EPA submission fails on account of CPU powering ngoc suppose utilizing CDE . Use Java Desktop System slightly of CDE .

Suppose you select to make use of CDE, add the comply with line to /and so on/energy.conf, after which run pmconfig ( 1M ) :

device-thresholds /SUNW, UltraSPARC-IIIi @ 0,0 ( 2147483647s 15m )

6421603 Suppose you reinstall Solaris 10 1/06 from set up media, you could set up your entire distribution plus OEM temporary plus description patches, to set ngoc CPU workplace administration . Suppose you reinstall S10 1/06, and energy administration isn’t working, set up bundle SUNWus.u from the set up media at /cdrom/sol_10_106_sparc/s0/Solaris_10/Product. then reboot the system .

alternatively, set up Solaris 10 1/06 Whole Distribution plus OEM corroborate from the Solaris 10 Media Equipment, plus patches .

Technical Temporary

Suppose you might have any technical questions or points that aren’t addressed within the Solar Extremely 45 and Extremely 25 workstations software program documentation, traffic your native Solar Companies spokesperson. For patrons within the U.S. or Canada, name 1-800-USA-4SUN ( 1-800-872-4786 ). For patrons in the remainder of the populace, discover the Family Broad Measure Heart nearest you by visiting the site : hypertext switch protocol : //

Documentation Errata

This part describes modifications to the Solar Extremely 45 documentation .
For the most recent free time model of those and early manuals, verify the online site :
hypertext switch protocol : //

Solar Extremely 45 and Solar Extremely 25 Workstations Set up Information (819-1892-10)

desk 1-5 of this set up information falsely describes the DB-9 serial ports as “ RS-432. ” The DB-9 ports are RS-232 .

Solar Extremely 45 Workstation Getting Began Information


The second quarrel, column two of postpone 1-2, presently reads :
“ Select Solaris 8 HW 5/03 Working System flip. ”
The textbook ought to learn :
“ Select Solaris 10 Working System flip. ”

Solar Extremely 45 Workstation Set up Information


The {watch} info is auxiliary :

Getting Began With Preinstalled Software program

NetBeans 4.1

NetBeans trademark IDE 4.1 initiation location : /choose/netbeans-4.1
To run the IDE, sort : /choose/netbeans-4.1/bin/netbeans
To uninstall the IDE, sort : /choose/netbeans-4.1/_uninst/uninstaller

Java Studio Creator 2004Q2

Java Studio Creator 2004Q2 contains the play alongside :

  • Solar Java Studio Creator improvement setting
  • Solar Java System Apply Server Platform Version
  • PointBase Embedded Database

facility location : /choose/Creator
initiation log : /choose/Creator/set up.log
Apply Server knowledge :

  • Admin consumer political name: admin
  • Admin consumer password: adminadmin
  • Admin port: 14848

Extra larboard info : /choose/Creator/system/set

Java Studio Enterprise 8

Solar Java Studio Enterprise 8 can be put in within the follow location :
The comply with options are included :

  • Solar Java Studio Enterprise 8
  • Solar Java System Apply Server 8.1 UR2 Platform Version
  • Cooperation Runtime

initiation abstract :

  • Complete {size}: 273.9 Mbyte
  • Product: /choose/solar/jstudio_ent8
  • IDE:/choose/solar/jstudio_ent8/ide
  • Apply Server:/choose/solar/jstudio_ent8/AppServ8.1UR2
  • Apply Server admin username: admin
  • Apply Server admin password: adminadmin
  • Cooperation Runtime:/choose/solar/jstudio_ent8/CollabRuntime
Solar Studio 11

The ability and license logarithm information are positioned at : /var/sadm/set up/logs
To view a log file, sort on the inspire :
% certification of deposit /var/sadm/set up/logs ; extra filename
The set up product incorporates Replace Notification, a sport that checks a family huge internet service at Solar Microsystems and informs you of related updates. Please denote to the {Release} Records for much knowledge .
Suppose you put in any element of the Solar Studio 11 developer instruments on a community server, to ship getting began info to the builders who use the network-installed software program, you should utilize the email correspondence template :
It is best to now set your PATH to incorporate :
Term, suppose is /choose (the default) for Bourne-family shells (sh, bash, ksh): $ PATH=/choose/SUNWspro/bin:$PATH

The export PATH for C-family shells ( csh, tcsh ) :
% setenv PATH /choose/SUNWspro/bin : $ PATH
then, to run the IDE, sort on the immediate : % sunstudio

Solar Extremely 45 Workstation Service and Diagnosis Hand foot (819-1892-11)

The comply with info has modified and been improved within the -11 model of the service hand foot of arms. For the most recent interpretation of this hand foot go to :
hypertext switch protocol : // # hic

Adjustments to Tables

  • Desk 1-1 – Incorrectly states that two Solar XVR-100 graphics accelerators are supported. Just one Solar XVR-100 is supported.
  • Desk 3-1 – OpenBoot PROM Reminiscence Checks and Actions
  • Desk 12-2 – OpenBoot PROM Messages and Their That means
  • Desk B-4 – Declared Noise Emissions: ISO 9296


  • – fmdump -v command
  • – fmadm config command
  • 9.3.3 – Utilizing the fmstat command
  • 12.3.2 – OpenBoot Diagnosis Menus

part 3.2.4, “ Putting in the DIMMS ”, the Annotation was incorrect. The right Annotation is proven right here :

Annotation – Suppose your workstation has two CPUs and 4 DIMMs, the workstation operates most series effectively with two DIMMs per CPU. DIMM connectors are color-coded blue and black. You could set up DIMMs in pairs in the identical coloration connectors. DIMMs in the identical {bank} should be from the identical vendor and should be an identical in {size}.

Adjustments to Figures

The next illustrations had been corrected within the -11 adaptation of the Solar Extremely 45 Workstation Service and Diagnosis Hand foot :

  • Determine 3-1 – Motherboard With Part Connections

Motherboard connection J3 ought to make friends to the I/O college and connection J11 ought to make friends to the DVD double driveway

  • Determine 3-14 – Reconnecting Cables to the Motherboard
  • Determine 5-3 – Eradicating the Energy Provide
  • Determine 5-4 – Putting in the Energy Provide
  • Determine 5-5 – Energy Provide Cable Connections at Motherboard and New Drive Backplane
  • Determine C-2 – Solar Extremely 45 System Diagram

Different Adjustments

Within the working specs chapter :
The declared acoustic ranges are proven in TABLE 4, the place 1B = 10dB..

TABLE 4 Declared Acoustic Ranges
workstation baseless working
Solar Extremely 45
Solar Extremely 25
5.0 B1 5.1 B

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reference :
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